Eric B. Brown

Eric B. Brown

Eric B. Brown

Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Multiple Settlements Exceeding One Million

  • 2018 and 2019
    *Only 5% of Lawyers

Selected in 2018 and 2019 as a Super Lawyer, a prestigious and exclusive designation, given to only 5% of lawyers 

Eric B. Brown is a native of Grand Island, Nebraska and a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and the University of Nebraska College of Law, where his high academic achievements qualified him as a member of the Moot Court Board and several honor societies. Now well into his second decade of practice, he focuses on representing families and individuals impacted by catastrophic injuries.  His big-picture approach and broad range of experience is essential where injuries impact the ability to work as well as navigating the complexities of health insurance, employment law, subrogation and coordination of underinsurance and other benefits.  While confidentiality rules prohibit discussion of particular clients, the combined value of his court victories and settlements is estimated to have significantly exceeded 28 million dollars, with multiple settlements exceeding a million dollars.  In 1999, Mr. Brown recorded a Federal Court verdict which included the highest amount of punitive damages ever awarded by a Nebraska jury in a discrimination case.  

Mr. Brown actively serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska College of Law and has chaired and lectured at numerous educational seminars in his areas of practice.  He is also a trained and certified mediator and has made new law at the Supreme Court on several different occasions.  Mr. Brown most enjoys coaching his sons, Eli and Will, in baseball and is continually amazed by his daughter Ellen, who was born with profound developmental challenges that hinder neither her smile nor her impact on everyone around her.


I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you have brought to my family! Both of my parents are extremely grateful for your work. I knew we were in good hands from the first meeting and you have exceeded all my expectations! It may feel straightforward to you, but to us, you have moved mountains. This settlement will allow my parents, particularly my Dad, to enjoy the rest of their lives to the fullest of their abilities. We all agree that we would give every cent back and more for my Dad to walk again, but that is no going to happen. This will allow them to have financial security and most importantly, allow him to buy a tracked wheelchair so he can get back into the wilds of Central Nebraska and hopefully shoot and fish again! You and your practice have been so wonderful through this most difficult time. I wish I was there in person to thank you. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you again. - DW

From the very moment my husband and I met with Eric Brown, after the tragic death of our son in a car accident, we felt his compassion and empathy for our loss, both of which felt very genuine. Eric completely respected our feelings and emotions and knew that we were not in the frame of mind to have to deal with the realities and decisions that pursuing a wrongful death claim would require of us. Eric approached every aspect of our case with the utmost respect and allowed us all the time we needed to be able to deal with each step. My husband and I felt Eric's kindness immediately and were both very impressed with his knowledge of what to expect in a wrongful death case. Eric pursued our claim in an aggressive manner while at the same time being very protective of our rights and privacy and sheltered us from any unnecessary contact with insurance agents, or any other adverse parties. My husband and I cannot say enough about the kindness, professionalism and legal ability demonstrated by Eric and Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier Law Firm. - Rochelle and DeWayne, Lincoln, NE

I hurt my back a while at work, the Doctor said I just a strained a muscle. The following day I could hardly get out of bed. I spoke with my brother who also had back problems and the first thing he said was "Get a lawyer." He spoke to a friend and I was referred to Eric Brown. I set up a meeting with Eric and met with him shortly there after. In this meeting Eric explained the whole process to me and told me what to expect from my employers the medical doctor and the case worker. He was very open and forward with me and my wife. I was amazed at how he knew what was going to happen before it did. He told me how to handle the situations if and when they arise. He was easy to contact and if he was unavailable his staff would answer my questions and pass along the information to Eric. To make a long story short we ended up settling my case a day before we were scheduled for court. If it were not for Eric and his law firm all I would of received from this injury would of been a loss of income check and a pat on the back goodbye. which only would of been a fraction of what I actually received. Eric was always professional but more importantly he cared about me and my family as people not just a client. He went beyond his role as my lawyer. He even spoke with my bank and explained why i was behind on my car payment. And this saved me getting my car repossessed. If I ever need a lawyer for anything Eric is the first person I am calling. - Henry R.

From the first time we spoke with Eric on the telephone we could tell that he was ethical, knowledgeable and professional. Eric met with us initially on short notice and gave us very helpful information and a number of options to consider. We have understood from the beginning that some of the issues our case brings to the table would be complex and complicated. Eric has met each of our concerns and questions with an appropriate response and has often been the We would have no reservation about recommending Eric, and his firm, to anyone. We still know every day that as long as we have Eric working for us, we have someone who believes in and is passionate about our issues fighting on our behalf. From the first time we spoke with Eric on the telephone we could tell that he was ethical, knowledgeable and professional. Eric met with us initially on short notice and gave us very helpful information and a number of options to consider. We have understood from the beginning that some of the issues our case brings to the table would be complex and complicated. Eric has met each of our concerns and questions with an appropriate response and has often been the "counselor" of sorts as we have maneuvered our way through this process. Eric and his staff have continued to keep us updated as matters warrant and Eric has spoken with us on the phone and returned numerous emails to us with questions we've had along the way. We would have no reservation about recommending Eric, and his firm, to anyone. We still know every day that as long as we have Eric working for us, we have someone who believes in and is passionate about our issues fighting on our behalf. - Harold L and Theresa S.

I am so glad I called your office; without your professional help I would not be where I am today. I knew after meeting you the first time you were going to be the man for this job, and you knew how to handle everything and would be more than fair. You took on a job at a short notice but you dug to the bottom and came out on top.Your staff was always willing to talk and listen to whatever we had to say and you were never too busy to return our calls. I am proud to call you my friend and I can never thank you enough. - Dennis D.

The best part about working with Eric was that he always worked with us. He was always accessible, we knew every step of the process, he never left us guessing, always answered our questions, and kept us informed of every detail. It was a scary time not knowing how we were going to live financially for the rest of our lives; I will always be grateful that Eric was so positive and never wavered in his fight for us. He is an amazing litigator and was successful in recovering a fair settlement for us. Eric wasn't just our lawyer, he was our advocate and our resource. - Chuck and Dee S.

I have been with Eric Brown for 4 years now. He has assisted me at a time that I myself hoped would have lasted only a few months. His representation and guidance has been both genuine, experienced and always brought a favorable outcome. When times were tough, he reassured me. Eric Brown acts on the truth and brings forth a client and lawyer bond. - Molly Y.

I was very happy with the help I received from Eric Brown and his firm. There was never a time that my phone messages went unanswered, same as any questions I had. Eric explained the process of my case. The type of service I received was as if I was his only client to focus on. - Martha S.

Thanks to you and your staff for your help this morning. It is so amazing to know that I have such a crack team of professionals to help with the situation I find myself in. You may or may not know how much stress this has caused and to know you will be there to right the course when it starts to go astray is incredibly assuring. You should have seen his face when he had to announce he was leaving because "John's lawyer says I can't be here." Again thank you for the quick response. It was great everyone was in the right place at the right time. - Troy M.

Eric -- Thanks for all you have done. It's tough thinking about all I have been through and that my career has dissolved. One foot in front of the other I guess. You have made this nightmare a bit more livable and palpable. I will go on, I will prevail.I would not hesitate to give your name to others in need of services. I thank God for Tyson mentioning your name. Again, thanks for all you have done.- Hal L.

I am sole heir to an estate located in Nebraska, where I was born & raised, now residing out of state for 25+ years. Following the untimely death of my mother from injuries resulting from an automobile collision, I found myself in the troubling position of needing to retain counsel to ensure the personal representative did not unfairly pocket the vast share of proceeds from the settlement with the insurance carriers. Since I learned of this situation with only days to file complaint/take action with the county court involved, I had to locate & retain counsel, out-of-state, in a matter of days! After some online perusal of websites, I located Atwood, Brown, Deaver et. al's Lincoln office and spoke with Mr. Eric Brown, a partner there. Within moments of speaking with him, I knew I was conversing with the appropriate counselor to represent my interests as the sole heir. In my former capacity of handling international business concerns, I felt Mr. Brown was extremely professional and thorough in explaining the merits of my lawsuit and the pertinent points of law with respect to it. (Again, this was an individual whom I had not met face-to-face). Due to the comprehensive manner in which he detailed the "predicament" I faced, as well as the potential downsides and hazards of venturing an action, as the defendant himself is an attorney, I felt very confident retaining Eric, and had the sense that he was interested in seeing that justice was obtained not just for me, but for future persons in my same situation. I hired Eric Brown in February 2013 to bring suit at the county level: interestingly (but not completely unexpectedly), both the county and appellate courts ruled in favor of the PR being awarded the entirety of the settlement proceeds, a significant miscarriage of justice at the statute, as well as bench, level of law. Agreeing with Eric that such rulings countered the substance and intent of the laws in Nebraska relating to these matters, I authorized Eric to continue our efforts at the Nebraska Supreme Court, where, in June 2015, we received a reversal of the lower courts' opinions! Eric and his very able staff have persevered in excess of TWO YEARS on this case, without displaying the slightest hint of frustration, reluctance, or disinterest at any point in the process. I would wholeheartedly recommend the services of this most-able counselor at law, who has demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment, diligence, understanding, humanity & support to me, a layperson, without the slightest idea of how to proceed in such legal matters, against an opposition composed solely of litigators...... While no attorney can guarantee any given outcome, without question, Eric Brown and his staff will meticulously examine the merits of and law relating to your case, and litigate it honestly and exhaustively, pursuing justice doggedly! An extremely grateful and satisfied client, Becky G.

Eric - Thank You. When I had my initial conversation with you, I said that honesty was the most important attribute before my daughter hired you. You assured me that you would be upfront and honest, you kept that promise and I am very thankful. You know as a father having a beautiful daughter yourself how I feel about my daughter. Thank you again. My husband and I are very grateful. - G.D. and G.R.

Areas of Practice

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Wrongful Death
  • Insurance Settlements and Mediation


  • University of Nebraska College of Law, Lincoln, Nebraska
    • Honors: Moot Court Board, Member
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Representative Cases

  • Yost v. Davita, Inc., 23 Neb. App. 482 (2016) (Successful Affirmance of Permanent Total Disability Award) and 23 Neb. App. 732 (Supplemental Opinion Reaffirming Award) (2016)
  • Griffin v. Panec, 291 Neb. 46 (2015) (Successful reversal of Trial Court and Nebraska Court of Appeals) (2015)
  • Pearson v. ADM Milling Co., 282 Neb. 400 (2011) (Successful Reversal) (2011)
  • Dawson v. Zachry Construction Corp., A-10-612 (2011)(Successful Affirmance) (2011)
  • Riesen v. Irwin Industrial Tool, 272 Neb 41 (2006) (Successful Reversal) (2006)
  • Kimminau v. Uribe Refuse Service, 270 Neb. 682 (2005) (Successful Reversal) (2005)
  • Lyle v. Drivers Mgmt., Inc., 12 Neb. App. 350 (2004) (Successful Affirmance) (2004)
  • Mabile v. Drivers Mgmt., Inc., 11 Neb. App. 765 (2003) (Successful Reversal) (2003)
  • Fay v. Dowding, Dowding, 261 Neb. 216 (2001) (Successful Reversal) (2001)
  • Cardenas v. AT & T Corp., 245 F.3d 994, 998 (8th Cir. 2000) (Unsuccessful Reversal of jury verdict) (2000)

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Nebraska State Bar Association, Member
  • Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, Member
  • Executive Committee of the Workers' Compensation Section of the Nebraska State Bar Association, Retired Member
  • Executive Board of the Lincoln Bar Association, Retired Member