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Protecting The Health Of Car Accident Victims

At Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O., our goal is to allow each client to focus on physical recovery while we focus on his or her legal recovery. If you or a member of your family is injured in an auto collision, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help get you back to the financial position you were in prior to the accident, by recovering:

Economic losses:

  • Past lost wages, income and benefits
  • Loss of future earnings or future earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Anticipated future medical bills

In addition, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you obtain recovery for your noneconomic losses that cannot be determined with quick calculations, including:

Noneconomic losses:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental distress
  • Disability
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse

Unlike many other law firms, due to our workers' compensation experience, we are also keenly aware of how catastrophic collisions and injuries can affect your ability to keep your job, especially when it comes to the issues of time off to recover and restrictions placed upon you by a doctor. We know when it is appropriate for us to get involved with the employer on your behalf and more importantly, when it is not appropriate. We have saved injured folks' jobs on countless occasions with timely and correct advice.

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Protecting Clients With In-Depth Knowledge

Did you know that most insurance policies have what is called medical payments coverage that is there to pay your medical bills, regardless of who is at fault for the vehicle accident? Did you know that you can often maximize this medical payments coverage by filing medical bills under your health insurance first and using the medical payments coverage to pay copays?

In addition, did you know that a person's spouse has a separate claim for loss of consortium if, during the recovery, the spouse has suffered from loss of affection, companionship, comfort, assistance and particularly loss of conjugal society? Insurance companies do not often advertise this, even though they are first in line requesting a release from your spouse.

Call Or Email Us Now If:

  • The injuries were catastrophic. Insurance carriers flag certain claims and high-value claims that typically increase the need to get a lawyer involved to combat the insurance carrier's tactics.
  • You feel overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of paperwork and bills piling up.
  • The insurance adjuster wants to take a recorded statement from you.
  • You have been catastrophically injured, but there is uncertainty about whether the accident was your fault or the other driver's.
  • "How does this all work?" or something similar is the phrase that enters your mind.
  • You are worried about keeping your job or would like some free advice or tips on what you should say to your employer.
  • The insurance adjuster sounds frustrated that you still need treatment because you have not recovered.
  • The adjuster wants a full release to go back and get any of your prior medical records to fish for prior treatment on the same injured body part.
  • You have been told by your health insurance company that it wants a dollar for dollar reimbursement of any money it has paid to medical providers for your injuries out of any settlement.
  • You are worried about how settlement may affect other governmental benefits that you may receive.
  • You are not sure how to calculate any ''loss of future earnings.'' We have experts in the field whose job is to make these determinations.
  • The insurance adjuster is asking about your health insurance and what you have paid "out of pocket" after health insurance. Did you know that by law, you are entitled to recover the full value of any medical bills and not simply the amount that health insurance paid or you paid out of pocket after health insurance. Insurance companies do not volunteer this information.

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