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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

With more than 150 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers at Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O., have answered countless questions asked by the victims of motor vehicle accidents. Because you and your case are unique, the best way to have your questions answered is to contact us for a free consultation. In the meantime, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions we hear below.

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What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Your safety is the most important thing. Seek medical attention immediately if you need it. If you are able, try to collect names, contact information, vehicle information and insurance information from the other drivers involved, as well as names and contact information of any witnesses. If the police arrive at the scene, answer their questions without assigning blame to yourself or other motorists.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

The responsible driver's insurer should pay your medical bills after an accident. However, often they delay payment or try to avoid paying altogether. If you believe an insurer is treating you unfairly, it is best to speak with a lawyer.

Do I Have To Talk To The Insurance Company?

You are legally required to cooperate with your insurance company's investigation. However, do not speak to another driver's insurance company without talking to an attorney. This could affect your claim and make it more difficult to secure the compensation you need.

What If I Can't Afford An Attorney?

Because we offer no-cost representation and only collect attorney fees if we recover compensation for you, you can afford an attorney even if you are struggling because of medical bills or missed work. Because retaining a lawyer is the best way to maximize your chances of a fair verdict or settlement, you can't afford not to hire a lawyer. Because most personal injury firms have a similar fee arrangement, it is wise to find an attorney you trust to take care of you and your case while fighting for every dollar you deserve under the law.

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